What is the stormwater fee and why do we have one?

State and federal governments have passed new regulations that require Clemmons to take steps to reduce polluted stormwater runoff. This is an unfunded mandate and adequate funding for the stormwater program is required by the state. The fee will also enable the Village to address some of the Village’s stormwater quantity problems.  The stormwater fee will be charged to all properties with impervious surfaces and is a reliable and equitable source of funding for the program.

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1. What is the stormwater fee and why do we have one?
2. What is stormwater runoff?
3. What is impervious surface?
4. How was the stormwater fee developed?
5. How much is the fee for residential properties?
6. How much is the fee for commercial properties?
7. Why are churches and other tax-exempts required to pay?
8. What if I have two residences on my property?
9. Is the stormwater fee a tax?
10. How can I be exempted from the stormwater fee?
11. Can I appeal the stormwater fee?
12. How often/when will I get a bill? When is it due?
13. What happens if I don’t pay my bill?
14. Since the stormwater fee appears on the tax bill, what will mortgage companies do with the fee?