Moravian History

clemmons-moravian-school-mainClemmons Moravian Church began as the vision of Edwin Theodore Clemmons, grandson of Clemmons founder, Peter Clemmons.  Wishing to benefit both the Moravian church and his native community, Edwin provided in his will for the Moravians to establish a congregation and a boarding school in Clemmons.  His instructions were that they erect a church, a school, and a parsonage.  They were also to purchase land to be subdivided into building lots of an acre each and sold to Moravian families for one dollar per lot.  Children of these families could then attend the Moravian School free of charge.

In March 1984, a major construction project was completed.  It provided a new fellowship hall with seating for 350, a modern kitchen, five classrooms, a nursery, an office, a storage room and restrooms for both children and adults.  The building also serves as the home of Clemmons Moravian Child Care.  The original church building finally reached the end of its useful life and was demolished in 2010.

Clemmons Moravian Church
Address: 3535 Spangenberg Ave., Clemmons, NC 27012
Phone: 336-766-6273