Community Garden

The garden provides members of the community a central location to grow their own organic food and provide an opportunity to share a portion of the garden's bounty with others in need by donating to the area food pantry. The garden will bring fresh local produce, personal connections, educational opportunities for adults and youth and beautification to the community.


The Clemmons Community Garden was started in 2012 based on objectives set forth by the Clemmons citizens through the adoption of the comprehensive plan. A plan was developed for a 21-plot garden behind Village Hall by a variety of Village residents including a local Girl Scout troop who spearheaded the initial project. The garden is run by volunteers and has been active for ten growing seasons. Each year it donates a substantial amount of produce to the Clemmons Food Pantry.

How to Participate

If you are interested in the garden, stop by Village Hall and take a look. You may park in the parking lot located behind the building which is where the community garden is located. Contact Caroline Drake ( to put your name on the waiting list for next year!