Security Systems & Requests

A permit is not required to have a security alarm system installed; however, a subscriber is allowed only three false alarms within any 12-consecutive-month period. After the second false alarm, the Village will send a letter to the subscriber informing him of his false alarms and requesting he initiate action to stop further false alarms. Beginning with the fourth and future false alarms a $50 civil ticket shall be issued.

Repetitive Alarms

Repetitive alarms that are repaired within 24 hours shall be liable for only one false alarm. The owner or person responsible for maintaining the alarm system shall provide proof to the Village of the date/time of response and of the repair action taken by maintenance personnel. Remember, subscribers should first notify their security company that monitors their system before a test is conducted so the alarm will not be called into the Sheriff's Department.

Audible Alarms

Audible alarms shall be equipped with an automatic reset device that will reset and cease to sound the alarm after 30 minutes of continuous activation. An alarm that sounds for 30 minutes after the officers arrive at the location, due to the failure of the alarm to reset shall constitute a violation. The subscriber shall reimburse the Village for each violation at a rate of $50. All fines are payable to the Village of Clemmons within 14 days of receipt of the violation.

View Chapter 93 of the Clemmons Code of Ordinances for more information on security alarm systems.

Security Checks

If you are planning on being away from your home or business, request a security check. View the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office page for more details.