Classroom Outreach

Every school year, our Stormwater Technician visits 5th-grade classrooms, and EC/Map Core classrooms at Clemmons, Morgan, and Southwest Elementary School. 

Stormwater Classroom EducationFor the EC/Map Core Classrooms, our Stormwater Technician, along with Stormwater Mascot Lenny the Lifeguard (if requested and available), talks with the children about simple ways to keep our environment clean and how pollution and water do not mix. Fun Activities during this presentation include:

  • Storytime
  • Picture recognition game of nature versus trash items. 
  • The popular favorite “Toons For Tots” (watching a short cartoon on trash/recycling and cleaning up our messes to enjoy the nature around us). 
  • Become part of “Lenny’s Water Safety Squad”, which helps spread Lenny's word about not polluting and keeping our water clean.
  • Take home packets

During 5th grade presentations, our Stormwater Technician educates the students about how the water cycle plays a part in how Stormwater Runoff effects our local waterways and environment. Along with a PowerPoint Presentation, other fun activities during the presentations (depending on time allotments) include:                        

  • Water Cycle Game
  • Viewing a Curb/Drop Inlet demo which shows what goes down the storm drain comes out unaffected in our local waterways. 
  • Hands-on demonstration that shows how Stormwater can absorb into the ground and/or runs off on hard surfaces using sponges, spray bottles, and duct tape.
  • Giveaway packets 

Other Classroom outreach opportunities include visits to local preschool/daycares within Clemmons. Preschools who are interested in having our Stormwater Department and Lenny the Lifeguard come by for a visit are encouraged to email or call the Village of Clemmons Stormwater Department at 336-766-9170 to schedule a visit.