Leaf & Limb (Mulch) Program

Leaf Delay Graphic

Leaf collection is scheduled to resume in the Village of Clemmons on October 17th.  More information and updates on collection can be found hereWEATHER PERMITTING, the last leaf collection will begin on Monday, January 29, 2024. 

In 2007, the Village of Clemmons began providing leaf, limb and grass pickup for the entire village. At the same time burning was banned.


2021 was the final year for collection of grass clippings in Clemmons. 2022 will have leaf and limb pickup only. The Village recommends several options to replace the collection of grass:

  • Use a mulching mower.
  • More frequent mowing with a conventional mower and letting the grass clippings decompose on the lawn.
  • Composting of grass clippings (along with other organic materials) and recycled use of natural resources.
  • When hiring a landscaper, confirm removal of all yard waste debris is included in the scope of work and quote.

All pickups must be placed at the edge of your property, but not in the street and away from these items:

  • Fences
  • Fire hydrants
  • Mailboxes
  • Phone pedestals
  • Power lines
  • Water and sewer covers

See the guidelines below.

Leaf Pick-Up

Leaves should be placed on the edge of your street beginning in October (until all leaves have fallen, typically end of November or early December):

It is not possible to specify an exact day of the week for pickup. For updates, please check here.

Requirements and Placement

  • Leaves should be placed in a wind row no wider than 5 feet in an accessible area at the edge of the yard. 
  • Keep piles free of sticks and garden debris, such as tomato vines or cornstalks.
  • Do not bag leaves.
  • Do not block piles with vehicles.

Limb Pick-Up

Limbs should be placed on the edge of your street by 7 a.m. on Monday morning of the following schedule between March and November.

  • East of Lewisville-Clemmons Road and Middlebrook Drive (Winston-Salem side) - 2nd full week of the month
  • West of Lewisville-Clemmons Road and Middlebrook Drive (Tanglewood side) - 1st full week of the month

Pickups occur during the scheduled week.  It is not possible to specify an exact day of the week for pickup.

View the limb pick-up map (PDF).

Requirements and Placement

  • Limbs must not exceed 6 inches in diameter and 16 feet in length. 
  • Limbs should be big enough to be collected with a pitchfork – no twig piles. 
  • Limbs should be stacked neatly in one pile with all limbs facing the same direction.
  • Limb piles should be placed in an accessible area at the edge of the yard – not under wires, low hanging branches, or blocked by vehicles. 
  • Shrubbery trimmings can be placed on top of limb piles.
  • Do not place dirt, mulch, roots, rotten wood, rocks, metal, trash or building materials in limb piles.

Limb Piles that Cannot be Collected by the Village

  • Commercially cut limbs.
  • Limbs that do not meet the size requirements.
  • Limbs mixed with other materials, i.e. dirt, rocks, trash, building materials.
  • Limbs improperly placed or placed in inaccessible areas. 

Mulch Pick-Up 

When available, mulch can be loaded at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday - please note mulch is only loaded at these times and not throughout the day. Mulch is not available on rainy days. All trucks and trailers must have side walls and be covered (example: with a tarp) before leaving the yard. For mulch availability call Public Works at 336-766-9170.