Village Plan: Comprehensive Plan

The Clemmons Community Compass was adopted in 2010 by the Village Council. The Village of Clemmons began the process of updating the Plan in 2017 and officially adopted the update on May 13, 2019. The Plan serves as a guide for land use decisions and future planning needs of the Village. The Plan consists of general goals, standards and guidelines and is generally deemed to be advisory, rather than controlling, and it may be changed at any time.

Community Compass 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Community Compass Cover Page

Community Compass Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Plan Overview

Chapter 2: Visions & Goals

Chapter 3: Summary of Key Trends & Conditions

Chapter 4A: Future Land Use Plan - Map & Classifications

Chapter 4B: Future Land Use Plan - Strategic Planning Areas

Chapter 5: Transportation & Mobility

Chapter 6: Community Amenities & Character

Chapter 7: Environmental Sustainability

Chapter 8: Implementation


Clemmons Community Compass  2040 Comprehensive Plan (full)